Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Buttercup and the pumpkin

Newest venture!
I've been playing around with becoming a doll dealer for a while. I recently fell in love with Hujoo dolls and I'm happy to say, I completed the dealer ID process this week!
This is Buttercup, my angry girl. I painted her myself!


amubleu said...

so i go to lj for the first time in ages and what do i spot? this little cutie. she reminds me of a cross between blythe and dal. so cute. i love her dress btw. did you make it?

will you be selling any of the sleepy eye hojuu? if not can i order one through you? she is just adorable.

amubleu said...

sorry sleepy brain. i meant to say hujoo

Jennifer said...

Hey you!
I'll be ordering some of the sleepy eyed ones, sure! Did you want a full set or do you want a blank? I'm gonna do a blank order in about a week!