Thursday, December 11, 2008

Handmade Cavalcade!


December 6th was a gloomy, cold morning but I was determined to enjoy the DIY goodness at the Knitting Factory in NYC! The Knitting Factory is not a yarn store as I'd originally thought, but a 3 story concert venue that had been taken over for one day by local crafters, artisans, and DIYers to sell good stuff that isn't mass produced, which is my kind of thing. I met my friend Daniella and we headed into the fray!

First, It was very, very dark inside. I wanted to get some really good pictures of the set ups and venue but I also did not want to blind the venders and customers so I apologize in advance for the crummy photos! The floors were divided into Uptown, Downtown, and Midtown and gift wrapping was available as well as cupcakes and several vodka based drinks at the bar. It was a neat place but a little cramped for my taste since I don't really like crowds. There were a lot of people and more coming in every minute from what I could see. Viva la DIY! I hope there were people buying and not just browsing. I was on a strict budget that day so I couldn't buy everything I wanted!

I immediately sought out one particular vendor that I had talked to a couple of weeks prior at the Brooklyn Flea. Daniella and I have affectionately nick-named her "the acorn lady" because she had these great vintage acorn pendants that caught our eye!

Jantar Handrafted Jewelry Wow! That's the first thing that came to mind! She's a super sweet lady who took a little time to chat with me about her jewelry and our shared love of vintage buttons! I can't say enough about her goodies! I ended up with an acorn pendant that I'm not sure I can bear to part with! She offers free domestic shipping on orders so check out her etsy shop! Do it!! She'll also be at the Lyceum Holiday Craft Market

After a bit more browsing, I snagged a peppermint cupcake (mmmmm, bliss!) and ended up in a little alcove talking to Stella at Look Closely Press

She sold a great bag to Daniella and I spied another one of my favorite things....buttons! or badges, depending! She also makes pendants and art quilts. Each quilt has it's own story which I think is fantastic! Oh, she also has a blog!

More wandering brought us back downtown. Where more wonders unfolded and that's also where the cupcakes where hiding!

Downtown is also where I found Molly Schulman her stationary and ornaments immediately caught my eye because many of them featured birds! She started out hand drawing each bird but has now moved to screen printing with great effect! Cards, gift tags, pincushions it's all there! According to her business card she does custom stationary too! I can attest to the quality of her work, plus....birds!

Whew! I think I went over every square inch of that place. I wish the lighting had been better and that they had been selling hot drinks and that I hadn't been on a budget (fie on budgets!) but other than that it was really fun! I'm so lucky to live near NYC so I can take advantage of all these neat opportunities! But hey, where were all the aprons?

The Schwag! Yay!


onecrazysinski said...

you out of stater not knowing what the knitting factory was! uber weenie

molly shoelace said...

glad you stopped by!! it was nice to meet you and i appreciate the write up:)

hope to see you at the lyceum!!


Jantar Handcrafted Jewelry said...
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Jantar Handcrafted Jewelry said...

It was so nice to see you!
I will have more acorn jewelry coming soon:O))))