Friday, June 5, 2009

Art Theft!

Yes, it's whirling around out there in dollie land, well in Ball-jointed dollie land anyway. This "artist" has been caught stealing images from doll companies and private doll owners, tracing the images and claiming them as her original art. Up until now, she's been getting away with it to the tune of $1000 a print, contracts with Sony, and write ups in some pretty well known magazines like Juxtapose. There are great artists out there doing great work unfortunately, Marie Blanco Hendrickx - Mijn Schatje isn't one of them


marla tomlinson said...

wow!! i can't believe the balls some people have!! those are totally ripped off!! glad you posted this!!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Marla! I can't believe it either. I bet Sony isn't too pleased to know they paid her for original work and got a copy instead.