Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't feed your inner seagull

I try to make all my presents but this year I was only able to make two, and this was one of them! My friend Sabrina and I used to work on as field biologists on a tourist destination beach in Florida.

People feed the gulls
People call gulls "seagulls"
There was a pamphlet on the beach one night when we were waiting for a sea turtle nest to hatch. We'd had no sleep and were a tiny bit slap-happy. The pamphlet was all about finding inner peace and not feeding your bad habits.

It wasn't too far to leap for me to come up with this little phrase!

Hand embroidered using a panel from the outdoor fabrics section and attached to fulled wool suiting. I wanted to frame it but I didn't think they would let me carry on a glass frame and I didn't want to check a frame so I told her she could decide how to display it herself!

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