Friday, December 31, 2010

Monster High coaster

Monster High coaster, originally uploaded by Captain Schlumpy.

A friend of mine collects Monster High dolls and I've recently been making video game sprites out of perler beads. I'd forgotten how much fun they are! When I was a kid, they were the craft of choice for summer camps for a while. Colorful and easy for kids to make neat magnets or ornaments out of. Now they are used to make video game characters or skull coasters like I've done here. One thing I would recommend is having a pair of tweezers on hand to place the middle beads. Otherwise, you might get a bit frustrated.


Donna said...

Ohhhhhh I love this!
I have a tattoo that looks just like this LOL, seriously...I do!
A girly skull with hearts for eyes and a pink bow...
donnastamps (swap-bot)

Jennifer said...

you do?! That is so cool! I just have a little sea turtle on my ankle. I keep meaning to get more ink but never seem to find a design that is just right. My friend collects fashion dolls so I had to make the skullette for her!