Wednesday, January 19, 2011


brrrr!, originally uploaded by Captain Schlumpy.

another doll shot. This one is my sekiguchi unoa azurite. Poor boy doesn't have a name yet. I love this perfectly in scale coat though. It's fully lined if you can believe it! In crafty news, I've finished both a cowl (very experimental as I did not use a pattern) and a scarf. I'm also hooking (lol!) away on an afghan for my mom and a friend of mine. I've depleted the acrylic yarn stash significantly! Soon it will be all natural fibers all the time!


frecklessobe said...

I love these doll pics! They are so cool! The jacket on this one is interesting to me! I just started crocheting and I hope to eventually make an afghan for a for friend who is pregnant!

Happy hooking
Amelia (frecklessobe on swapbot)

Jennifer said...

Thank you! I do like to take pictures of toys! The coat on this doll is perfect down to the buttons and lining. I could never make something so tiny. Good luck with your afghan. Crochet is my favorite TV watching activity. It's very relaxing, especially afghans!

Lola said...

Hollychihuahua here from SB. These pics are amazing because they look so real! I had to look twice at this one to make sure it was really a doll. You definitely have a talent for photography. Check out my blogs tomorrow 01/30 because I'm participating in the One World One Heart blogger giveaway.