Saturday, January 22, 2011

Down to two bags

Down to two bags, originally uploaded by Captain Schlumpy.

I went walking around Manhattan yesterday in heeled boots and my feet are killing me today. Today is a day of watching Toy Story 3 and crocheting while the dog and cat nap.

I'm close to banishing all the acrylic yarn from my house! The canvas bag contains the makings for my friend Jill's franken-blanket while the green bag holds an afghan for my mom and another one for a camo lovin' pal. Then it will be all natural fibers all the time! Well, unless someone needs a baby blanket. They have to be washing machine friendly!


Maggi said...

Way to bust your stash! I'm still knee deep in acrylics which is fine for me, my budget hates natural fibers. lol

Have fun!

evey said...

Can you believe it is snowing again?!?

I wish I could get rid of all of my acrylic yarn. I recently started using natural fibers, and they are so much nicer for handmade gifts. I guess I can use the cheapy yarn for other projects.

(eveyinorbit from swapbot)

Jennifer said...

Thank you both! I spend way too much money on natural fiber yarn I admit. But it just works up so much nicer! I will still use acrylic for baby blankets since it is washer friendly and my friends just keep having kids! And Evey, I can't believe how much snow we've had this year. I wanted snow, and I've got it for sure!