Thursday, January 27, 2011

I almost have a new sweater!

another WIP, big surprise! I promise I won't always be posting doll projects! This is the first article of clothing aside from scarves I have attempted to crochet. I have a lovely pattern for a sweater for me I would like to tackle soon though! Kotori is getting a cardigan. I'm testing out this pattern so some of the stitches are rather wonky. The little guy also seems to be cross-eyed so I guess I'll have to readjust his eyes. Anyway, fingering weight merino wool yarn on 1.5 mm hook. sleeves up next!

Kotori is a ball jointed doll from the Volks company in Japan. He is a yo-sd volks Eddie.


claudia said...

very interested,have a nice weekend from Tenerife!!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! I'm hoping to finish it up this weekend!