Saturday, January 29, 2011

Make your own edible people!

I have an odd sense of humor, some might call it twisted. When I found a silicone candy mold %50 off and idea was born. People shaped suet for the birds! It's easy to make and you can use a less, um, shall we say, disturbing mold if you don't want to see the birds feasting on little people in your yard.


1 bar of lard (found in the dairy section with the butter)
1 cup peanut butter (if you use crunchy, cut down on the amount of seed or the mold will overflow)
bird seed mix to fill mold


melt lard on low heat
add peanut butter
mix until fully melted
fill candy mold 3/4 full with seed mix
pour lard/pb mixture over seeds
freeze until set up (I usually leave it in the freezer over night)

EASY!! This would be a great DIY to do with an older child. I feed the birds outside my window to entertain the cat while I'm at work. (she isn't allowed outside off leash)



Lola said...

Hollychihuahua here from SB. Just wanted to say I love your header graphic as well as this project. Following you too. Can't wait for updates!

funkyluke said...

following you now on my yahoo home page..xoxoxoo funkylukecosmicart

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the follows!
@Lola, the header is one of my charm bracelets. I get different crafty moods. Sometimes I wish I could stick with one thing!