Saturday, January 8, 2011

What I'm up to this weekend

another little project I started to amuse myself. I really like the new fashionista line of Barbie and Ken. I'm a sucker for anything pose-able. However, the Ken hairstyles were just awful. I got this guy with his winning smile and yanked out all his hair. I'm using Martha Stewart Crafts' flocking powder in ebony to give him a manly man buzz cut. This is my first time using flocking powder so we'll see how it turns out! I've got a few other things in the works as well since I've got 5 days off work. I'm doing my best to start 2011 off right by digging through my stash for materials. How is your 2011 so far? Any crafty goals?


funkyluke said...

omg.. this cracks me up.. remember g.i. joes with the fuzz beard and hair.. love to see him when he is done.. i am a blogspot peep from facebook,, laura... funkylukecosmicart

Jennifer said...

Thanks, it was really so fun to do. I'm imagining Kens with rainbow colored hair now. Darn Martha and her many colors of flocking!