Sunday, February 6, 2011

out of it...literally

Things have been quiet here at the Schlumpy blog. Sorry! I had all 4 wisdom teeth out on Friday and I decided to take a little hiatus.I figured no one would want to hear my pain killer induced rantings about sparkles and rainbows, and unicorns. Well, maybe you would! Anyway, I'll be back to crafting as soon as I can stay awake for more that 2 hours at a time and those damn unicorns stop jumping out of my closets. :)

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lauriez said...

hi there-LaurieZ from SwapBot here (finally!) YIKES-hope you are feeling lots better by now! I had all of mine out at once too, and for the past few months have been ion the process of getting 8 root canals & crowns! I am sure worth alot mor now! hee hee! Great blog-can't wait to read more! Take care!