Saturday, March 12, 2011

RAWR from the hippo

RAWR from the hippo, originally uploaded by Captain Schlumpy.

Goodness, I've left my poor blog alone for a bit again. I sent this off for a friend of mine recently as part of a swap. She's making one of my dolls a sweater! The hippo is stitched on linen (none of that linen-look stuff for me) and lined in quilting cotton. I'm still trying to work out the flaw in the pattern that is making me unhappy with how the lining fits in. I also want to try this out in a heavy canvas fabric for pens or crochet hooks. I really like the shape of the bag.

In other news...I'm moving! Yippee! Out of the cave and in to an apt. in Jackson Heights Queens that looks like a castle, so cool! I'm more excited about the 2 huge windows in my room to be honest. Now, I'm trying to decide whether or not to ditch my car and go public transport all the way. Time will tell!

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