Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Almost finished!

Almost finished!, originally uploaded by Captain Schlumpy.

Another long absence from the blog! Sigh, I can't seem to keep up with all the things going on right now. I'm back in NYC for a couple of months before I take the plunge, quit my job, and move to Japan! Yay!

As for crafting:
My mom's birthday is coming up in a few days and she requested a red hat with a flower. I just need to attach the flower to the hat and send it off! The hat is made of acrylic yarn because mom forgets about that whole hand washing thing and I'm afraid she would felt a wool hat, but the red part of the flower is made from cascade bulky wool. The pattern was really easy and worked up quick! I made another one for my youngest brother. My friend is going to help me with some pictures of the hat being worn once I get the flower attached!

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