Tuesday, October 4, 2011

California sea nettle

California sea nettle, originally uploaded by Captain Schlumpy.
Whew! The last month has been really busy for me. I moved out of my old apartment, went home to help out my mom before and after her knee surgery, and rode the train from central Illinois back to New York City. Sadly, I had to leave most of my crafting supplies back in IL since I am gearing up for my move to Japan. I think the embroidery stuff was the hardest to leave behind. I am crocheting my holiday gifts this year so I had to make a tough decision due to space constraints in my luggage. What does all this have to do with jellyfish? Nothing at all! I had a layover in Chicago, IL long enough to revisit Shedd Aquarium and they had a jellyfish exhibit. It was a lot of fun, but I do have to admit that the Baltimore, MD aquarium currently holds my vote. Although Shedd does have an amazing Caribbean reef tank and three (yes three!!) beluga whales so it's worth a visit.

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